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Hello, my name is George Kasica, and I'm an independent computer consultant. I have been working with computers and telecommunications since 1982. I have a degree in Management Information Systems from UW-Milwaukee. I have extensive experience in Computer hardware such as routers, servers, modems, Multiplexers and other types of communications hardware. I'm also able to write programs in dBase, Fox Pro, BASIC, C, Visual BASIC, Visual C++, Visual J++, HTML and UNIX. I've also become a Certified Network Engineer for Novell NetWare 3 and 4.x and a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. I used to supervise a 30+ server Wide Area Network for Blue Cross/ Blue Shield United of Wisconsin. I have extensive UNIX and Internet experience and was one of the key people involved in putting Blue Cross onto the Internet. Feel free to view my resume if you like. If you have any Novell, UNIX, Internet or other types of questions please leave me e-mail at

On a personal note I've been working since November of 1989 starting at AgriData Resources(Now ARI Network). I also have had 3 cats and 1 dog. The Beast,  a Domestic Short haired Tortoise Shell Female born on 8/1/88 and whom passed away peacefully on 3/19/01. One of the other cats is MR. Tibbs - was a purebred Blue Maine Coon cat (he looked gray to me) born on 8/1/90. I got him in December of 1990. He was very special to me since he was 'my' cat. He had epilepsy and had been receiving medication twice a day since November of 1992 buried in a piece of cheese and he did just great until a peaceful passing on 5/24/06 at almost the age of 16. The next kitty was Nazarene whom I got from the Humane Animal Welfare Society(HAWS) in Waukesha WI on 3/28/01 ( we guess she was born about 6/1.99) where she had been since 12/16/00. She lived until she was about  8.5 years old until 1/28/08 and VERY loving. If you click above on her name you can see her page as well. The next addition is a red female Standard Poodle puppy named Ginger that I got on 3/3/02. You can see her pictures and story by clicking on her name. In November 2008 we got another kitty named Rosie a Simaese/Tonkinese who was recued by our vet, Dr. Amy Spaeth. Following that in on May 18, 2008 we got Merlin a purebred Siamese cat.

I'm also a big aviation and space program fan. Click Here to take a look at some pictures I've had the opportunity to snap over the years.

Also I've recently come across a very well written piece of literature by Mr. Winn Schwartau COO, The Security Experts, Inc. that deals with the REAL meaning of the word HACKER both in the recent past and unfortunately what it has come to mean today. It first appears in the June 1998 issue of Information Security and he has graciously allowed me to repost it here.

Again, thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you again soon. The page will be continually changing and updating as I get time to work on it. For information on reaching me through Netwrx Consulting Inc. you can phone me at +1 262-677-0766, or e-mail me at

"Help find a missing child. Call 1-800-THE-LOST"